A Dissection of the New Surgeons’ Hall Museums

I was recently invited to write a guest blog post on my experience of the new and wonderfully improved Surgeons’ Hall Museums, the collections of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

You can read the article here.

The Anatomy Lab

We recently invited Cherry Martin, author of The Irregular Anatomist to write a guest article on her experience of the new Surgeons’ Hall Museums. As a frequent visitor and anatomy enthusiast, we were keen to hear what Cherry made of the redevelopments and how her experience compared to previous visits.

Surgeons' Hall Museums Surgeons’ Hall Museums

With a history as dark as its narrow and winding closes, Edinburgh is a great place to live if, like me, you enjoy spending your weekends exploring the eerie and meandering through the macabre. From Burke and Hare to medical breakthroughs, this wonderful city has been home to the sinister and more serious sides of science and medicine for centuries.

With a leading medical school and one the oldest surgical corporations in the world, it is no surprise that Edinburgh hosts some of the UK’s most interesting history of surgery collections. After £4 million worth of developments…

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